>> Vision

All people have the right to achieve their highest potential, which includes the right to creative expression. Creativity lies within all people and is best expressed through the arts. Participation in the arts, therefore, is essential to our well-being, both as individuals and as a society.

>> Mission

The Nina Haggerty Center for the Arts provides a supportive, non-competitive environment in which people with developmental disabilities are enabled to grow and learn within their community,and to experience joy and fulfillment through creative self-expression.

>> Principals

We believe that…

Creativity lies within all people and must be expressed for well-being and growth, both for individual and for society. Emphasis on creativity and self-expression supports basic human aspirations for freedom and order.The arts, in any form, provides an ideal mechanism to develop and express one’s uniqueness, identity, and diversity.Each person is capable of artistic achievement at some level, regardless of ability and can participate in all activities.

When people are allowed to develop their talents and creativity transformation occurs: for the artist, the teacher, and the viewer.It is important to offer a range of possibilites for artistic expression, but that the choice of medium, material and form used to realise that expression rests with the individual artist.There is no end point for creativity and growth. Art programs are not time limited and individuals work at their own pace, without pressure.The individuals have the right to professional, non-directive instruction, with teacher as facilitator and helper.Attendance at the Art Centre requires the commitment of individual, and there is an expectation for growth and development of individual, both in terms of their art and as a person.That an important part of art programming is public display and sharing of artistic expression – this is a source of pride and self-worth for the artist and creates awareness and changes perceptions within the general public.