Kevin M. (Edmonton, AB)

“My scalp would ‘dry out’ from wearing my hard hat all day. I rub a little of your ‘Wonder’ Foot Lotion® into my hair after my shower and my scalp doesn’t ‘dry out’ anymore!”

Debb and John (Moose Jaw, SK)

Dear Tante Lous ‘Wonder’ Foot Lotion®: “My feet really used to stink from my workboots, and my wife would kick me out of bed until I washed my feet. No more!”

Dale F. (New Brunswick)

Dear Tante Lous ‘Wonder’ Foot Lotion®: “As a plumber I wear latex rubber gloves. My hands would ‘stink’ and ‘dry out’. Your ‘wonder’ oil revitalised the dry condition and wiped out the stink. I highly recommend your ‘Wonder’ Foot Lotion to everyone.”

“A quick note to add to your many uses of your ‘Wonder’ Foot Lotion. I cleaned up my cats ear lice by putting a dab on kleenex and rubbing it in his ears, cleaned it right up!”

From Pete R. (Red Deer, AB)

Dear Tante Lous ‘Wonder’ Foot Lotion®:

“My hockey skates and equipment dont stink anymore thanks to your surprising product!”

From Ed A. (Morrinville, AB)

Dear “Being a long haul truck driver, I developed ‘crotch rash’ and odor from sitting in one place . Your ‘Wonder’ Foot Lotion cleaned them all up and Ill never have the ‘problem’ again. By the way, I also cleaned up the diesel stink from my hands. Your ‘Wonder’ Foot Lotion is the complete product.”

From: Barry D. (Edmonton, AB)
Dear “Doctors couldnt cure my stinky foot problem. Your ‘Wonder’ Foot Lotion did!”

From: George G. (Ft. McMurray, AB)

Dear Tante Lous ‘Wonder’ Foot Lotion®: “Working in the oilpatch I wear felt liners in my workboots. The sweat and no circulation made my feet ‘stink’. My bunkmate bought me a bottle for Christmas and now my feet dont stink anymore. Your foot lotion is truly a ‘wonder’. PS I spread the word and know what Ill be giving those certain people for Christmas next year.”

From: ‘John’ (Construction Worker)

“My wife kicks me out of bed because of my smelly feet! In just seconds of using Tante Lou’s ‘Wonder’ Foot Lotion®, the problem was eradicated, and now I am in her good books again!”

From: ‘Rick’ (Salesman)

“My family wouldnt even sit in the same room as me because of my bad smelling feet. Thanks to Tante Lous ‘Wonder’ Foot Lotion®, we can all watch movies together again!”

From: ‘Sarah’ (Nurse)
“Take my shoes off in public? Not in a million years! I started using Tante Lous ‘Wonder’ Foot Lotion®, and now I can go shoe shopping again!”

From: ‘Madeline’
“Jean peut maintenant me masser les pied, mis embrasser et meme me les lecher encore et encore!”